Minister:  Greg Simpson
Phone:  519-619-7680


Email:  Minister
Director of Music:  Devon L. Hansen
Phone:  519-352-0010 (Ext. 1)
Email:  Director of Music


Pastoral Care Coordinator:  Gabriella Cutler
Phone:  519-437-1138
Email:  Pastoral Care


Children's Ministry Coordinator:  Brittany Borges
Phone:  519-352-0010 Ext. 0 (Leave message at Church Office)
Email:  Children's Ministry


Church Secretary:  Vicky Bechard
Phone:  519-352-0010 Ext. 0
Email:  Secretary


Treasurer:  Barbara Robbins
Phone:  519-352-0010 (Ext. 3)
Email:  Treasurer


Caretaker:  Harold Baughman
Phone:  519-352-0010 (Ext. 5)
Email:  Caretaker (Church Office)