Small Groups at St. Andrew's


Friendship Group 

If you like to get together for fellowship through various outings, this small group is for you!  The Friendship Group meets several times a year for various events including bowling, movies, day trips, and much more.

Pies R Us 

If you like to make, bake, chat and laugh, this dynamic small group is for you!  The Pies R Us group meets several times a year to make delicious fruit and meat pies as fundraisers. 




If you enjoy playing shuffleboard, this small group is for you!  Participants assemble in the games room for lively games and fellowship. The Shuffleboard group meets every Tuesday at 1:30 pm in the Games Room.



If you like to be in "stitches", please join our quilters for an engaging experience!  The quilting group meets Wednesdays from 10:00 am to 12 noon in the Board Room.

Tech Team 

If you have a passion for electronics, please join our tech team for this important ministry! Participants handle the digital projection, sound, and video for our Sunday morning worship service as well as special events.


Pastoral Visitors

Caring for one another is an important part of St. Andrew’s United Church and who we are.  In addition to our Ministry team, our church members reach out to each other.  Recognizing that our seniors and shut-ins need an extra level of care, we have a team who visit members in their homes and in long-term care facilities on a regular basis.  If you are interested in being part of this vital ministry, please contact Gabriella Cutler.